Monday, May 22, 2006

Winter wonderland meeting 13 May 2005

Dress code
Still as previous posts

Decoration of stand
  • Everybody to arrive at 10:00 am on Saturday 27th.
  • We will have two tables (in the place where desks 3 and 4 currently are).
  • We need white tablecloths - I have searched the shops for 2 weekends now and cannot find them anywhere. Who can help?
  • Madelaine will organise light blue overlays.
  • I have bought us a bag of polystyrene chips (for snow).
  • Madelaine is bringing big pieces of polystyrene and Dion and Barry will bring bare branches (anyone else is welcome to do the same) which will stand in the polystyrene.
  • Teresa and Marcia will both bring Christmas trees to stand on the tables and Marcia will bring glitter talcum powder. We will throw this on the trees for snow.

At the table
  • We will have 4 chairs behind the desk and 2 in the front. The two will be positioned at the end of the table for anybody who wants to complete assessment forms.
  • I will do tags advertising the consultants course and any interested person must register by completing the form.
  • I am also doing posters to put up behind us to advertise the consultants course.
  • We are also going to have vouchers - everyone who fills in a RFA form will get a voucher.
  • As I'm typing this, I just thought that we should get a couple of bags of sweets and I will make tags that say "taste and see how good it is to serve in your passion". On Saturday, some of us can cut the tags out and staple to the sweets or lollies (I will go buy).
  • Consultants - please remember that I don't want cliques forming so that the members feel like they're interrupting us to get help! They are the reason we are having this event.

Etienne volunteered to get the printing done. However, I have already messed this up because I haven't even designed the poster yet, so I'll get the printing done at Postnet.

Any questions? Please give me a call.

Otherwise, see you all on Saturday - bring food if you want it. Hopefully if lots of people pitch, we can be done by 12:00 and enjoy our afternoons.


Ps Marcia

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