Saturday, April 22, 2006

Our next teambuilding 22 April at 2:00pm

We have stumbled upon the most amazing idea on how to keep the children (and grown-ups!) busy for hours. Honeydew A-maize-ing Mazes is proud to announce that Africa's only Maize Maze is ready and open for the 2006 summer season! A brand new Mermaid design over 3 acres situated in the mealie field in Honeydew has over 3 km's of winding pathways, so make sure you are up for the challenge! A multi-level quiz requires you to find five locations hidden in the maze. There you need to discover who is hiding with who in the maze, identify which country the pirates are from and then decode the semaphore encoded message that reveals Captain Hardy's final destination...

Honeydew A-Maize-ing Mazes have the following puzzles and mazes to tease and challenge the mind:
Elemental Maze - a traditional maze constructed of reed walls and containing four secret gardens themed around the Elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water! Everyone can play the Elemental Challenge, a quiz designed for all ages, as they find their way through and out the maze.
Rope Maze - a great team event that has you racing around a spider web of coloured ropes.
Hay Bale Maze - can you follow the rules AND find your way out?
Six Minute Mazes - a series of logic puzzles design to test your strategic thinking.
Hay Bale Mountain - a great big mattress of hay to play around on.
Lavender Labyrinth - a meditative meander with a teaching sun-dial at the centre.
Maize Maze - (in season) - the biggest puzzle of them all...

Cost: R35 per adult and R30 per child. This entitles you to do the Maize Maze and the other small mazes. If you wish to do the Elemental maze, there will be an additional cost of R10 per person.

Hours: They are open to the general public on weekends and public holidays from 10.00am-5.00pm and no booking is required. Just come along and enjoy solving all the mazes and puzzles!

Please remember: wear a hat and suntan lotion and comfortable shoes! This is an outdoor activity!

DIRECTIONS Get onto Beyers Naude Drive (M5) heading North away from Joburg. Cross over the N1 concrete highway. Head straight thru the Northumberland/Christian de Wet intersection. Continue on Beyers Naude past Ferreira's, past Honeydew Toyota and thru the Peter Road intersection. The next road to your right is Boland Street and we are 300m down on the right - look out for Al Fresco restaurant on the corner with Beyers Naude. If you get to Garden World you have missed the turning.

Remember that we are including spouses, significant others and children! Each one pays for themselves!
We will all go separately and meet there at 2:00 pm - we'll discuss transport arrangements for those who need transport closer to the time.

Are you excited yet? Post a comment and let me know.

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